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 +====== Administrator'​s Guide ======
 +<columns 100% justify top 65% ->
 +==== About This Guide ====
 +<note important>​
 +This guide is work in progress. The guide was originally conceived as the 
 +administrator'​s guide for SER 2.0 and it is currently being transformed
 +into the Administrator'​s Guide for the SIP Router.
 +SIP Express Router is a free, extensible, powerful, heavy-duty SIP server.
 +gets typically deployed at large-scale and complex SIP server setups where
 +other solutions fail. The server features an efficient, elegant, and small
 +core, a powerful and flexible configuration language capable of doing things
 +to SIP messages beyond imagination. Vast collection of extension modules
 +provides additional features that can be loaded only when needed, helping to
 +keep the server neat, clean, and sane.  SER's elegant design together with an
 +efficient, extensible, and easy to integrate data model make it an ideal
 +sofware for large or complicated SIP setups on most platforms.
 +This guide aims at introducing the reader to the wonderful new world of SER
 +2.0. In the first chapter, the reader learns how to obtain, compile and
 +install the latest SER sources or binary packages. After reading this chapter,
 +the user should be able to have his/her SER 2.0 up and running. The second
 +chapter introduces the most important concepts in SER 2.0. The third chapter
 +gives the reader an overview of the steps necessary to migrate existing setups
 +based on SER 0.9 to the new SER 2.0. The fourth chapter introduces various
 +management utilities and provides an overview of basic management
 +tasks. Finally, the last two chapters give the reader an overview of the
 +configuration file of SER and explain the most important features of the
 +out-of-the-box configuration file that is shipped with SER.
 +This guide does not attempt to be comprehensive and does not cover every
 +single feature, function, parameter, and extension module. ​ Instead it
 +introduces the reader to common SER 2.0 concepts and features, and it will
 +give the reader a good overview of SER 2.0 based system. After reading the
 +guide you will be able to install and start SER 2.0 based SIP server system,
 +perform basic administrative and management tasks, and you will be ready to
 +learn more about various new and exciting features of SER 2.0 in the
 +[[ref_manual|Reference Manual]].
 +==== Table of Contents ====
 +  - **[[.admin_guide:​install|Installing SER]]**
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​install#​installing_from_binary_packages|Installing From Binary Packages]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​install#​getting_ser|Getting SER]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​install#​compiling_ser_sources|Compiling SER Sources]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​install#​installing_compiled_sources|Installing Compiled Sources]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​install#​initializing_database|Initializing Database]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​install#​starting_ser|Starting SER]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​install#​stoppingrestarting_ser|Stopping/​Restarting SER]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​install#​additional_packages|Additional Packages]]
 +  - **[[.admin_guide:​concepts|SER Concepts]]**
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​concepts#​general|General]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​concepts#​users|Users]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​concepts#​virtual_domains|Virtual Domains]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​concepts#​sip_uris|SIP URIs]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​concepts#​configuration_through_attributes|Configuration Through Attributes]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​concepts#​other|Other]]
 +  - **[[.admin_guide:​migrate|Migrating from Older Versions]]**
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​migrate#​migrating_database|Migrating Database]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​migrate#​configuration_script_changes|Configuration Script Changes]]
 +  - **[[.admin_guide:​management|Managing SER Server]]**
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​management#​sercmd|sercmd]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​management#​serctl|ser_ctl]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​management#​user_management|User Management]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​management#​uri_management|URI Management]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​management#​virtual_domains|Virtual Domains]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​management#​configuration_attributes|Configuration Attributes]]
 +  - **[[.admin_guide:​config|SER Configuration File]]**
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​config#​overview|Overview]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​config#​global_configuration_options|Global Configuration Options]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​config#​modules_and_their_configuration|Modules and Their Configuration]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​config#​routing_sections|Routing Sections]]
 +  - **[[.admin_guide:​oob|Out-of-box Configuration File]]**
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​oob#​general_overview|General Overview]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​oob#​proxying|Proxying]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​oob#​authentication|Authentication]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​oob#​registrar|Registrar]]
 +    - [[.admin_guide:​oob#​nat_traversal|NAT Traversal]]




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