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IRC Devel Meeting - 2010-04-14

Date: 15:00 UTC, April 14, 2010 (Time Converter)

Place: #sip-router on


Kamailio related:

  • (dcm) kamailio 3.0.2 - show-stoppers, when?

SIP Router related:

  • (dcm) new in development, what we added so far and what we want to finish before 3.1 - add yourself:
    • dcm: my topics: cfg debugger, lua and dispatcher
    • (ap) work-in-progress: async tls (60%), cancel reason (98%), module interface ng (50%)
  • (dcm) merging some of duplicated modules (e.g., sl)
  • (dcm) identify if there are modules in K or S that include the functionality from the other version and are more evolved so one version can be simply copied in common modules directory and the other removed (e.g., pdt)
  • (dcm) any nice solution for xlog modules? K version reuses the PV framework, S version still has its own specifiers parsing
  • (dcm) any resolution for dialog module new design - Timo, Inaki?
  • (dcm) proposing dates for going to testing and release of 3.1
  • (jh) texops modules should be merged, s domain module is more advanced than k one and possibly could replace it.
  • (jh) easy fixing of module function parameters
  • (jh) non-blocking tls implementation
  • (jh) perhaps also possibility to specify in code that a function call should be performed asynchronously.
  • (jh) replace mi with rpc in all modules
  • (jh) get rid of all modes and have only one in 3.1
  • (mz) integration of ser cfg framework in kamailio's modules - status and future development
  • (mz) phasing out kamctl for mi command and updating documentation to reflect the changes (kamctl mi commands are to be replaced by sercmd)
  • (os) splitting out the radius part from the acc module
  • (hw) planned new module addition: matrix like datastructure


Following developers announced intention to participate (add yourself, alphabetic order):

  • Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul (ap)
  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla (dcm)
  • Elena-Ramona Modroiu
  • Henning Westerholt (hw)
  • Inaki Baz Castillo
  • Juha Heinnanen (jh)
  • Marius Zbihlei (mz)
  • Ovidiu Sas (os)
  • Timo Reimann





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