SIP Router - New features in 4.0.x version

The page collects the summary (draft notes) of the new features in SIP Express Router (SER) and Kamailio (OpenSER) development version.

This source tree branch will result in release 4.0.0 - release date proposal: Q1 2013.

Current stable branch is: 3.3

New SIP Router modules

New in Old SIP Router modules


  • New PV's:
    • $Mf(idx), $Bf(idx), $Sf(idx) - Direct access to individual transaction, branch and script flags.


  • New options to rtpproxy_manage(), rtpproxy_offer(), rtpproxy)_answer():
    • b - add the contents of a PV to the callid. Can be used to create per-branch rtpproxy sessions.


  • Add option to check if callid of reply matches the callid of the request. If the test fails, the reply will not be matched to the transaction.
  • Remember per branch onreply_route and onfailure_route settings. Each branch can now have its own reply and failure route.


  • New PV's:
    • $T_reply_reason - Provide the reason phrase for the current or winning reply in the transaction, just like $T_reply_code does for the code
    • $T_reply_last - Provide the reply code for the previous (stored) reply in the transaction.
  • New statistics: active_transactions - Number of transaction still waiting for a reply.

New in Core

Preprocessor directives



Set the name of the table holding the version of the table structures used by modules. Default value is "version".

New in Documentation

Developer visible changes

  • Many bugfixes to existing doxygen code documentation in modules and core
  • Several extensions to doxygen documentation in modules and core




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