Developers' Meeting, Berlin 2010

FhG FOKUS Berlin June 8, 2010

This is the summary of SIP Express Router (SER) and Kamailio developers meeting, held on the 8th of June 8, 2010, at FhG FOKUS in Berlin.

Number of participants: 16

Main Topics

  1. SIP SIMPLE Presence
  2. New in development version
  3. Management of next major release - 3.1.0
  4. Review of evolution so far and future development

SIP SIMPLE presence

  • Inaki Baz Castillo
    • update about IETF specs, pretty much pessimism regarding scalability and interoperability as well as future development of the current specs
    • so far they look good only for services inside same provider
    • OMA and RCS bring new specs on top of IETF, but mostly focused on IMS area
    • summary of other presence and im systems: msn and xmpp
    • a potential new presence specification from scratch trying to learn from the best of what is out there.
  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla
    • update about embedded XCAP server committed in GIT repository
    • transport layer works for http/1.0
    • the http/2.0 chunked needs some coding in the core
    • not yet full implementation of XCAP requirements

New in development

About the things planned to be finished before 3.1.0 and updates from related projects.

  • Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul
    • update about asynchronous TLS
      • code in a special branch, to be merge to master after some extra testing
      • it reuses TCP async options, thus avoiding potential conflicts
    • reason support for local CANCELs and E2E CANCELs (received CANCELs)
      • pretty much done
      • not merged yet because no documentation was written
    • raw UDP socket support
      • dedicated branch for now, targeting to boost UDP communication performances by avoiding some kernel limitations
      • usage is configurable by script
      • in the future can be reused for icmp support
      • Marius volunteered for testing and reporting as the time allows.
    • allow expressions in function parameters
      • allowing expressions in function parameters for functions that have no fixups or use the pre-defined fixups
      • part of NG module interface
      • yet to be decided if to be pushed in 3.1 or the other next release (3.2)
  • Henning Westerholt
    • some new modules might be pushed in public repository before 3.1
  • Timo Reimann
    • work on dialog module to be split in enhancements to current architecture for 3.1
    • major re-factoring as discussed on mailing lists for 3.2
  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla
    • finish work started for modules
      • dispatcher - load balancing
        • weight based distribution donw, next is call load distribution
      • debugger - interactive config file debugging
        • more user friendly output
      • xhttp - embedded HTTP server
        • http/1.0 done
        • support for handling received chuncked body as in http/2.0
      • xcap_server - embedded XCAP server
        • works now with xhttp and sip transport layers
        • next work is to complete XCAP specs, making K/S full featured embedded SIMPLE presence server - no external components to be needed anymore
      • app_lua
        • review of dynamic PV usage potential issues
        • export more internal api to lua
  • Dragos Vingarzan
    • openimscore module should work out of the box with sip router core
  • Bogdan Pintea
    • updates about binrpc and patches to sercmd
  • Marius Zbihlei
    • Integration of kamctl/sercmd - work so far, futures steps
    • CFG framework integration in upcoming Kamailio 3.1.
    • Status of a unified statistics framework between K and S
  • Stefan Sayer
    • status of GSoC2010 project for SEMS and Kamailio Presence Server
    • SEMS 1.2.x is out - SIP signaling b2bua and media server

Next release

  • the set of new features is very impressive
  • some modules need to be merged to ease further integration
    • top list: sl, auth, rr
  • next release to have a single stable branch
  • freezing probably mid of July or a bit later to allow fair completion of started work
  • target date for release
    • September, probably to second part of it
    • more precise date to be set at freezing time
  • discussion whether to make it a LTS release
    • the usual official support cycle is 1.5 - 2 years anyhow

Review of evolution so far and the future development

  • integration process
    • successfully completed for 3.0.0 - apart of seas which has now needed patches
    • next is merging more modules that provide same functionality, main focus on non-db modules
  • feedback for 3.0
    • very good
    • the new features are very attractive
    • very solid version, reported issues haven't exceeded a normal major release case
    • work effort for 3.0 and new features already done for 3.1 ⇒ the project offers a strong and reliable development team
    • first half of 2010 had good coverage of the project to various events
  • project devel resources are pretty much centralized under domain
  • there is always space for better docs, plans to improve them to be summarized separately
  • some ideas about what 3.2 should get flowed around, besides new dialog and presence server work
  • participation to other events is already booked for second part of the year




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