Kamailio Module Docbook Migration

Kamailio module's docbook documentations have been migrated.

For new modules

* make a doc directory in your module * take the Makefile from another module's doc directory and copy to your module's doc. Should look like:

docs = modulename.xml

docbook_dir = ../../../docbook
include $(docbook_dir)/Makefile.module

For dispatcher module is:

docs = dispatcher.xml

docbook_dir = ../../../docbook
include $(docbook_dir)/Makefile.module

* replace in the Makefile the name of the file modulename.xml from the assignment of docs variable with the name of your main docbook file. See above for example of dispatcher module. * write your modulename.xml and other docbook files you include in it

You are done. Add the new Makefile and the docbook files to repository, then commit and upload to sip-router.org GIT.




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