Sqlite Database Driver

Contact: Jan Janak

The sip-router server contains a database abstraction layer, which is used by many sip-router modules to access data stored in a database. For every supported database type we have a standalone module which converts queries from the database abstraction layer to queries particular to the supported database. For example, there is db_mysql modules for access to MySQL servers, there is db_postgres module for access to PostgreSQL servers.

We have support for databases that are not SQL based, too, there is the db_berkeley module which implements support for Berkeley DB databases and db_ldap module which can be used to gain access to data stored in LDAP directories.

The aim of this work is to develop a database driver for Sqlite. The driver will be a sip-router module that will act as an interface between the database abstraction layer in sip-router and the API of Sqlite.

The minimal list of modules that should work with the sqlite database driver is:

  • acc (support for accounting)
  • auth_db (support for digest authentication)
  • usrloc (user location database)




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