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This guide is work in progress. The guide was originally conceived as the administrator's guide for SER 2.0 and it is currently being transformed into the Administrator's Guide for the SIP Router.

SIP Express Router is a free, extensible, powerful, heavy-duty SIP server. gets typically deployed at large-scale and complex SIP server setups where other solutions fail. The server features an efficient, elegant, and small core, a powerful and flexible configuration language capable of doing things to SIP messages beyond imagination. Vast collection of extension modules provides additional features that can be loaded only when needed, helping to keep the server neat, clean, and sane. SER's elegant design together with an efficient, extensible, and easy to integrate data model make it an ideal sofware for large or complicated SIP setups on most platforms.

This guide aims at introducing the reader to the wonderful new world of SER 2.0. In the first chapter, the reader learns how to obtain, compile and install the latest SER sources or binary packages. After reading this chapter, the user should be able to have his/her SER 2.0 up and running. The second chapter introduces the most important concepts in SER 2.0. The third chapter gives the reader an overview of the steps necessary to migrate existing setups based on SER 0.9 to the new SER 2.0. The fourth chapter introduces various management utilities and provides an overview of basic management tasks. Finally, the last two chapters give the reader an overview of the configuration file of SER and explain the most important features of the out-of-the-box configuration file that is shipped with SER.

This guide does not attempt to be comprehensive and does not cover every single feature, function, parameter, and extension module. Instead it introduces the reader to common SER 2.0 concepts and features, and it will give the reader a good overview of SER 2.0 based system. After reading the guide you will be able to install and start SER 2.0 based SIP server system, perform basic administrative and management tasks, and you will be ready to learn more about various new and exciting features of SER 2.0 in the Reference Manual.

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