LinuxTag 2011 - Berlin


  • Date: 11. - 14. May 2010
  • Opening hours: 9:00 - 18:30 Uhr (Start of conferences 10 h)
  • Place: Messegelände Berlin (Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin)
  • Booth place: hall 7.2b, booth 112 (near Mozilla project)
  • Booth size: should be big enough, we share it with the open embedded project
  • Entry: Hall 7 (S-Bhf Messe Süd)


  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla
  • Henning Westerholt
  • Carsten Bock
  • Andreas Granig
  • Stefan Sayer
  • Raphael Coeffic
  • Morten Isaksen
  • Elena-Ramona Modroiu

Booth schedule

We should have at least two people for each time interval at the booth. Please note your availability in the following table. I'd suggest two slots per day, the first (morning) from 9:00 to 13:45, and the second (afternoon) from 13:45 to 18:30. Please come a few minutes earlier to allow for a smooth handover.

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Daniel allday allday
Henning morning afternoon morning
Carsten allday allday allday allday
Andreas afternoon allday
Stefan allday allday
Raphael allday allday
Morten afternoon
Ramona tbd tbd
"Your name"


Presentation, giveaways

  • we'll probably have some kamailio flyers (Daniel)
  • i'll try to make some SEMS flyers (Stefan)
  • we'll probably have a kamailio banner or poster (Daniel)
  • i'll try to make some Kamailio IMS flyers (Carsten)
  • i will bring some Telefonica Merchandise (Carsten):
    • 200 Telefonica/o2 Pens
    • some Telefonica/O2 key chains
  • i will bring some 1&1 Merchandise (Henning):
    • 200 1&1 key chains


  • Asipto will come with a laptop to run the SIP server, a switch and 1-2 phones to make some demos.
  • sipwise will come with a laptop and a snom phone for presentations
  • 1&1 will will also come with one CPEs, like AVM Fritz!Box

Booth setup

  • I've ordered one infopoint, two bar chairs, one small table, two chairs and one small literature rack P3.
  • there should be a shared storage room on our booth which can be locked, there is also a free of charge wardrobe (with exhibitor pass)
  • I'll bring one fairly long network cable (~6m), a 4m power extension cord with me, and also a power multiplier socket (Henning)
  • In case we don't have LAN at the booth, i will bring my UMTS-Wifi Hotspot Huawei E5 (Carsten)




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