LinuxTag 2012 - Berlin


  • Date: May 23-26, 2012
  • Opening hours: 9:00 - 18:30 Uhr (Start of conferences 10 h)
  • Place: Messegelände Berlin (Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin)
  • Booth place: ???
  • Booth size: ???
  • Entry: Hall 7 (S-Bhf Messe Süd)


  • Carsten Bock
  • Stefan Sayer
  • Andreas Granig
  • Mario Blatzheim
  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla
  • Elena-Ramona Modroiu
  • Marius Zbihlei
  • Henning Westerholt

Booth schedule

We should have at least two people for each time interval at the booth. Please note your availability in the following table. I'd suggest two slots per day, the first (morning) from 9:00 to 13:45, and the second (afternoon) from 13:45 to 18:30. Please come a few minutes earlier to allow for a smooth handover.

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Carsten morning allday allday morning
Daniel allday allday allday allday
Ramona morning morning morning morning
Andreas late afternoon allday allday -
Mario afternoon (minus some presentations) allday (minus some presentations) allday (minus some presentations)afternoon
Marius - allday allday (minus some presentations) -
Henning - afternoon morning (minus some presentations) -
"Your name"


Presentation, giveaways

  • i'll try to make some Kamailio IMS flyers (Carsten)
  • i will bring some Telefonica Merchandise (Carsten):
    • 200 Telefonica/o2 Pens (Leftovers from last year LinuxTag)
    • some Telefonica/O2 key chains (Leftovers from last year LinuxTag)
  • Andreas will bring some Sipwise pens and keychains, flyers and maybe a wall poster
  • Asipto will bring
    • posters (e.g., large logo)
    • flyers
  • Henning will bring a bunch of 1&1 key chains and probably some pens


  • Carsten:
    • a desktop computer running the latest Kamailio IMS Core
    • a Snom phone and FritzBox
    • A laptop with built-in Camera
    • my Android TV-Settop box with camera, running IMSDroid and a Screen
    • an Android based Tablet, with Camera and IMSDroid
    • one Video-Phone
  • Andreas:
    • like last year I'll bring a phone or two and present the SPCE
    • maybe we can do some interworking with Carsten's box
  • Asipto
    • planning to show various Kamailio features on-the-fly
    • using
      • laptop with Kamailio and several configurations
      • SIREMIS for web management
      • sip phones (bringing 1-2 hardphones, perhaps one video)

Booth setup

  • Carsten:
    • one long network cable (~6m)
    • a power extension cord
  • Andreas:
    • a power distributor with 5 outlets
    • a 4+1 port switch
  • Asipto:
    • power strips
    • 8 port switch
    • wi-fi router (if needed)
    • … say if you need more, if found, I can bring them from Berlin




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